I'm Dale –
a Designer & Developer
based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I specialise in creating beautiful user interfaces
for applications and websites.

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React/ Node.js/ Express/ Spotify APISpotify Lyrics A web app built with Spotify's Web API. React frontend with an Express server backend. Uses Spotify Auth to log users in to search for songs and displays lyrics.
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React/ Node.js/ Express /MongoDBBookmark AppA full-stack MERN application. Users can keep track of books they have read by adding, deleting, editing and filtering.
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Next.js/ Emotion/ NetlifyPortfolio SiteThis site you're looking right at! Built with Next.js React framework and styled using Emotion in a style similar to Styled Components.
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HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript/ WebpackMovie LibraryHTML, CSS & JavaScript application. Configured with Webpack and Babel. Fetches OMDb API.
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About me –

In 2020, after getting an Honours Degree in Digital Art & Design I decided to start learning how to code. Fast-track ‘til now and I design and build websites and applications using these technologies:

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